Attending an Event

Theatre Etiquette

First time to the theatre? Unsure of proper etiquette for your upcoming performance at the Proserpine Entertainment Centre (PEC)?

We want you to feel comfortable when you visit the Proserpine Entertainment Centre for your event.

Here are a few little tips to ensure everyone can enjoy their visit with us: 

Dress for the occasion: There is no strict dress code, however we recommend smart casual as a minimum. For many a theatre visit is a special occasion. As you will be seated near other patrons, it is polite to ensure that you are clean and presentable. The theatre temperature can feel cold for some people, so we recommend you bring a light jacket or throw with you.

No mobile phones: No mobile phone use during the performance is requested as it is highly disruptive to patrons in the seats all around you and our performers. This includes texting, checking emails, using your phone torch, playing games, or checking the time. If you have an urgent situation and need to use your mobile phone, please step out into the foyer for a moment to do so.

No filming or photography: No filming or photography (with or without flash) is allowed during the performance. You are encouraged to snap a special memory from your visit inside our auditorium before the show, during the interval or once the show has finished. Some productions will notify you if photography is permitted during the pre-show announcements.

Listen to our staff: You may be asked to leave the theatre if you or someone in your group is disruptive and does not comply with the instructions from our Front of House team. Our role is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all the patrons that are watching the show.

No hot food, hot drinks, takeaway food or glass:  No hot food, hot drinks, takeaway food or glass is allowed in the auditorium. We have a bar in the Proserpine Entertainment Centre that provides a range of refreshments and snacks suitable for the auditorium.

Rustling of food and drink packaging can be very disruptive to those around you. Please unwrap your food prior to the performance and take care when holding food packaging to not create too much noise.

No hats: No hats should be worn during the performance as they can cause an obstruction to the person sitting being you. If your view is obstructed by the person in front of you, see one of our ushers immediately and they will assist where possible.

Babies and children: Restless babies and children are not uncommon during a 3-hour production. If you find your child has become vocal or too restless to stay in their seat, please step outside into our foyer where you will be able to watch and listen to a live feed of the show until your child is settled enough to return to the auditorium. Please check the age recommendation for the show prior to purchasing your tickets as some shows are not suitable for younger children.

Thank you for taking the time to read our tips, we look forward to welcoming to the Proserpine Entertainment Centre soon.


The wellbeing of all our guests, our staff, our artists and our local community is paramount. We are committed to doing everything in our power to keep you safe. However, to do this, we need your help!

We are following the current Queensland Health Directive which means that:

Everyone is welcome to attend an event at the PEC (age restrictions apply for certain shows) regardless of their vaccination status. Guests, contractors and artists are no longer required to register via the Check-in QLD app.

Masks are no longer mandatory however they remain recommended when you cannot socially distance. We ask that all visitors maintain social distancing and elevated hand hygiene whilst at the venue. Please refrain from attending an event if you are feeling unwell.

We encourage guests to book tickets online or over the phone where possible.